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Ottawa Board of Trade Member Since November 2018

The Ottawa Board of Trade is the single largest independent Voice of Business in Ottawa, representing over 1200 members and 30,000 employees from multiple industries for the past 161 years.

The Board of Trade advocates for the economic prosperity of its community through Advocacy, Dialogue and Connections. It helps Ottawa companies of all sizes increase their visibility, raise their profile, and create new business opportunities through business partnerships, networking & educational events, award recognitions, publications, and innovative business practices.

Through meditation, a daily spiritual practice and healthy living. Connect with Spirit.

Connect with Nature.

Learn to listen to your intuition.

Find peace and joy in simple things.

Let go.

Be present in the Now.

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For Today........

Do not worry

Do not anger

Be humble

Be honest in your work

Be compassionate to yourself and others

If you love nature you will find beauty everywhere.

Vincent Van Gogh