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December 20, 2018

TIME: Since the dawn of civilization, human beings have

always tried to understand what time is. According to anthropologists, the first

point of reference used for that purpose was the alternation of day and night.

Early humans began by associating the passing of hours with such natural

manifestations as light and darkness. This first approach to time was positive,

for it enabled humans to understand that a phenomenon was involved which

continued with regularity and against which we are powerless. Moreover, it

caused to be born in human consciousness a primitive idea of chronology—in

other words, the concept of the succession of hours and events.

No one can say at what point human beings grasped the meaning that is

now given to the words yesterday, today, and tomorrow; however, when we

gained access to these three major dimensions of time, our conscious life was

radically transformed, because life was now divided into the past, present, and

future. According an ever greater importance to the division of time, human

beings created various precise instruments for measuring time so as to have at

their disposal a frame of reference enabling them to plan their daily activities

more efficiently. Time became a basic element of our existence, to the same

degree as the food we need to survive.

When we observe the hectic pace of modern living, we have to admit that the

race against time which humans have undertaken for centuries has not ceased to

accelerate. Such a state of affairs is unfortunate, for it is proof

of our inability to master a principle which should serve us

rather than enslave us. If all human beings were to give to this

principle the proper place it deserves, we would understand that as long as we adapt ourselves to the material idea we have formed of time,

we will stray from the natural laws which must guide our existence. Why?

Because time is not a material condition; it is a product of human consciousness.

Therefore, it is impossible to master time except by calling upon our highest

psychic and spiritual faculties. Experience proves that human beings constantly

seek to conquer time by mundane, and limited, means. By proceeding in this

way, we do nothing more than reinforce the power of our illusions.

We have just stated that time is not a material condition; it is a product of

human consciousness. Such a remark deserves fuller explanation, because it

poses in itself the philosophical problem associated with this subject. Here are a few examples to illustrate this point:

When we must do something that is unappealing to us, we have the

impression that the hours do not move rapidly. We say that “time passes slowly.”

On the other hand, when we are engaged in some activity we find exciting, we

“do not feel the passage of time” and regret that we have to call a halt to what

we are doing. Yet, in both cases, the hours are always of the same arithmetical

duration. In other words, each hour will always equal sixty minutes. This

is proof that it is our consciousness that gives a relative value to time. Thus,

when we are bored or unmotivated, our inner state is such that we feel that

we are slaves to the passing hours. When our emotional and mental activity is

concentrated on a subject that interests us, we lose all notion of duration and

feel freed from the grasp of time.

The arbitrary nature of time is even more obvious when we sleep, because

we no longer have any point of reference for measuring it. This explains why,

after having slept all night, we may have the feeling of having slumbered

only a few hours. Likewise, many persons, having come out of a deep coma

which lasted several months, have had the impression that their state of

unconsciousness lasted only a few days. Thus, a period of time, depending on

whether it is lived in a state of wakefulness, during sleep, or in a deep coma, is

not interpreted in the same way by our consciousness.

This phenomenon is even more striking when we dream.

In this situation you are quite aware that we can experience

events in our dreams that would correspond to several hours

or even several days on the material plane. Yet, it has been proven scientifically that our dream periods do not exceed one or two minutes.

This example also demonstrates that the notion of time is arbitrary as it does not

always correspond to the usual meaning we assign to it.

It follows, therefore, that time, as we usually conceive it, is a state of objective

consciousness. From the moment we transcend this state and pass the limits

of conscious objectivity, we lose all notion of duration. That is what happens

when we sleep or when, for any other reason, we are no longer conscious

of the earthly plane. In this sense, deep meditation can also make us lose all

notion of time. This is explained by the fact that our mental activity is situated

on the subconscious level, which, by definition, is part of the unconscious. On the cosmic plane everything occurs simultaneously and constitutes an eternal present.

It is important to understand at this point that we ascribe such a material

value to time because we are in the habit of associating it with the rhythm

that we give to our conscious life—that is, to activities which occupy our

state of wakefulness and which, to a certain extent, constitute the apparent

movement of our existence. From that point of view, it has become a point

of reference which allows us to measure arbitrarily the periods when we are

conscious of ourselves and our surroundings. But beyond that point is a world

just as real, a world which has its source in Cosmic Eternity and that each of

us possesses within our innermost self. Our mission is to explore this world,

because within it resides the basis of our existence and the key to the mysteries

we seek to understand.

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An ongoing series of informational entries

My Second Blog Entry

December 22, 2018

DEATH: In her book "Hands of Light" Barbara Ann Brennan writes that death is not what we have understood, but a transition from one state of consciousness to another. We have already died, in forgetting who we are. Those parts of us that have been forgotten are walled off from reality, and we have come into incarnation to retrieve them. So although we fear death, we have actually already died, and in the incarnation process of reintegrating with our greater being, we actually find more life. The only thing that dies is death. 

From our vantage point, the most clear definition of what the human being considers to be death would be forgetting who we are. It is forgetting.  We have in fact incarnated to bring to life those pieces of us that are already in what we call "death", if we should ever even use that word. Those parts have already died. And in actuality, when we "die" by our definition, this is actually when we begin to live as beings of light.

It is actually a transition to a greater awareness and is a process in the energetic field. From the auric point of view, all of our chakras are cleared and opened. We then go to another dimension. 

Through this process there is a dissolution of the walls of forgetting within us and it is then we remember who we truly are.

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An ongoing series of informational entries

My Third Blog Entry

December 24, 2018

SEMANTICS: I've been searching for deeper meaning since I was a very young child attending a local church. As I got older I continued this search by reading or watching different movies and documentaries. But there wasn't a lot that I was able to access back then. I went through periods of thinking I believe one thing, only to evolve, learn new things and change my thinking. The Buddha said "You must let go of your ideas and notions". In recent years I have had more access with all of the books available, the internet and the ability to buy or read books through Kindle. Through my journey as a Reiki student,  and now Master Teacher, I have met many people who I can discuss my ideas and theories. And I have been reading and researching about different theories and modalities. I have also attended various retreats and training in Reiki, Yoga, Shamanism. 

I am starting to now see a pattern of so-called experts on various subjects, who have authored books trying to compare different healing techniques and some seem to think that their practice is better. Or they choose one set of terms and think their set of terms is more accurate than their counterparts. For example, one might like the word "Energy", another "Spirit", while another might think that Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana are all life force energy, another has said that Prana means something different. 

As I try to make sense of all of this information it reminds me of the different religions who each have their set of terms and beliefs. Each thinks their religion is accurate and correct, even better than others. And they think they are superior to other faiths. Now being someone who feels more comfortable with a "spiritual practice" rather than following a religious dogma, I am saddened by this new revelation. That even in the world of healing modalities and spiritualism and mysticism, I am finding the same hang ups over semantics. One might say "Energy", another "Divine Source", whilst another might say "Vibration". Are these all the same thing? As you go deeper into the research, you can see the similarities and parallels. 

It is exasperating to me but I have to remind myself that one never stops learning. We are always gaining new knowledge and evolving in our beliefs and understanding. 

I have come to realize that the Buddha was correct in saying you must let go of your ideas and notions. Because just when you think you understand and know something, you realize you are only seeing the tip of the iceburg, as it were.

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My Fourth Blog Entry

January 13, 2019

DISTANT HEALING: HOW IS IT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE?:  The answer is "Quantum Physics". Every quantum physicist is well aware of the Zero Point Field. There is no such thing as a vacuum, or nothingness. There is a subatomic world that is a hive of activity.  The uncertainty principle, developed by Werner Heisenberg, one of the chief architects of quantum theory, implies that no particle is ever at rest but is in fact constantly in motion. It is due to this ground state field of energy constantly interacting with all subatomic matter. This means that the universe is a sea of quantum fields that cannot be eliminated by any known laws of physics. There have been studies that suggest that intention can be used as an extraordinarily potent healing force (Braud). We can order the random fluctuations in the Zero Point Field and use this to establish greater 'order' in another person. One person can act as a healing conduit, allowing The Field to realign another person's structure. Studies have demonstrated that healing through intention is available to ordinary people, but healers may be more experienced or naturally talented in tapping into The Field. In The Copper Wall Project in Topeka, Kansas, a researcher named Elmer Green has shown that experienced healers have abnormally high electric field patterns during healing sessions. Studies of the nature of the healing energy of Chinese Qigong masters have provided evidence of the presence of photon emission and electromagnetic fields during healing sessions. These sudden surges of energy may be physical evidence of a healer's greater coherence-his ability to marshall his own quantum energy and transfer it to the less organized recipient. This ultimately brings the recipient into a balanced state, balancing their biofield, which then supports their healing.

All matter in the universe is interconnected by waves, which are spread out through time and space and carry on to infinity, tying one part of the universe to every other part. This Field offers a scientific explanation for many metaphysical notions such as the Chinese belief in a life force, qi or chi, the Japanese call it ki and the Hindus call it prana. Ancient texts refer to it as an energy field. It even echoes the Old Testament's account of God's first dictum: 'Let there be light', out of which matter was created.

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My Fifth Blog Entry

January 30, 2019

WORKING WITH WHITE LIGHT ENERGY:  White light energy is only positive and it is a protection that anyone can invoke. You do not have to have any special training or be a "healer" to work with it. You simply need ask for the protection and not even out loud. You can just think or wish it in your mind. Many people will envision being surrounded by white light or channeling white light that enters through the crown chakra (the top of your head) and moves down through your spine and the other chakras then surrounds you in a protective force field. No harm can come to you when you are surrounded by this white light. And it doesn't have to just be around your body. Even if you are travelling on a train, plane or car, for example, you can imagine this white light is surrounding your vehicle of travel and protecting everyone inside. You do not have to be religious to do this. It is a "non-religious" thing. And it can only be used for good. It cannot cause harm in any way, not to you or someone else. Think of someone who falls to their knees in prayer. It is the same sort of concept where you are praying for or willing protection for yourself or someone else. You can also send negative energy to the white light for cleansing. For example, let's say your chakras get cleared of negative energy or perhaps your home. You can direct it toward the white light for cleansing. It's sort of like taking your clothes to the dry cleaner. When you pick it up it is clean. 

Where does this "white light" reside? Some say in the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions. 

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My Sixth Blog Entry

February 4, 2019

CAN OUR BODIES HEAL THEMSELVES PART 1?:  The answer is yes - under the right conditions. The question is what are those conditions?  The best science of our time is now showing that every organ in the human body has the ability to heal itself given the right environment.  Even the organs we were told could not.  So spinal cord tissue, brain tissue, heart tissue, pancreatic tissue, prostate tissue, given the right environment, these can heal themselves. Some of the right conditions would be environmental (like water, air, food quality); chemical (herbal supplements); but the environment that interests me most is the inner environment that the Buddha spoke so eloquently of: "Every man and woman is the architect of their own healing and destiny". Our bodies were designed to have disease and have the ability to overcome it with our immune system. We just need to get out of the way. 90% of what takes us to the doctor is STRESS. In old times if there was a threat to our existence and survival our bodies went into fight or flight mode by activating our adrenal system. If you're being chased by a saber-toothed tiger you want to be able to use 100% of your energy to escape without injury. But nowadays our threats are our boss, our spouse, money, chemicals in our environment, war etc. But our systems react in the same way. So we release cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline into the system. If you are in a fight of flight mode all the time you are mobilizing your resources from your gut, your elimination system, immune system, your higher brain centers and putting that energy into your muscles to fight for your life. That means your memory is not all that good, your concentration is down, you can't eliminate toxins from your body properly, your immune system is compromised - chronically - all the time. Stress hormones inhibit the immune system. A good example - when doctors want to transplant an organ from person A to person B, the doctor gives the patient the stress hormones, and then transplants the organ, the immune system is now shut down so the person does not reject that organ. That is how effectively they work on disabling our immune system. 

Up until 1925 it was believed that our bodies were just machines that worked on mechanical mechanisms. But then quantum physics proved that we are all just energy. The physical is just an illusion. For example, if you look inside any part of your body with a microscope what will you see? Cells. What are cells made up of? Your DNA. What is in your DNA? Atoms. And Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons but 99.9999999999999% empty space. To put this into perspective for you, if a proton were the size of an apple, the closest electron would be the size of a grain of salt and it would be approximately 2 km away. That's how much space. These particles emerge out of the quantum field. If you're a Marvel Movie fan The Antman films depict this visually very effectively. Pim Particles are subatomic. So inside the Atom is where these particles exist. They are just vibrations of waves of energy. So when you think everything is solid and permanent you see it really isn't. So if we are so impermanent then isn't it possible that something can be changed and healed like an organ?

What did "spirit" used to mean a long, long time ago? "Invisible forces that influenced the physical realm." Quantum physics is taking us back to a time that said the invisible forces that we have been discounting in medicine turn out to be the primary forces that control everything. What do they include? Mind and Consciousness. This is what influences our relationship to the world in which we live. 

Researcher and author Kelly Turner, Ph.D. has been studying radical remissions for over 10 years. She has studied 1,500 people from all walks of life, from different countries all around the world. There have been radical remissions verified and reported for every single cancer type. These people tried a variety of 75 different things to become well. Not each person tried all 75 but out of these 75, 9 of them were in common. Out of those 9 things only 2 were a physical change in their lifestyle. The other 7 were emotional, mental, and spiritual. Such as meditation, deepening your spiritual connection, following your intuition........So the data proves that there really is a way to activate your immune system with emotional and spiritual work. And there is plenty of scientific data to back that up.

Conventional medicine, tied up in an old belief system, is locked into the cause of illness as genetics and biochemistry, therefore the pharmaceutical company is the great saviour. Why? Because it will make the chemistry that should bring us back to health again. Well, it turns out, that's totally false. There are so few diseases that are actually organic. 100% of Type 2 Diabetes has nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with lifestyle. 90% of cardiovascular disease has nothing organically wrong with the individual. It's just the consequence of dealing with stress. Does this mean medicine is all negative? Absolutely not. Medicine works miracles with trauma. If I physically hurt myself, I get in a car accident and my guts are hanging out, don't call a massage therapist or a chiropractor or a naturopath. Get me to a surgeon. 

According to Deepak Chopra, M.D. "medicine (pharmaceuticals, therapeutic interventions, surgery) is useful in about 10% acute  illnesses. Anything else (ie chronic illnesses) use a holistic approach. That is mind, body, emotions - use healing, even distant healing - anything that influences the mind, body and emotions". 

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My Seventh Blog Entry

February 14, 2019

CAN OUR BODIES HEAL THEMSELVES PART 2?:  The idea here is that disease/illness is the result of emotional blockages causing physical blockages and thus resulting in disease (ie rheumatoid arthritis). So the key is to release these emotions that are being repressed. And you can do that in a variety of ways. Some people might choose a Zumba class, others might run, others might try Reiki, while others might visit a shaman and do a soul retrieval. The key is to do whatever works that allows you to let go of that anger, that pain, that self-hatred, grief or trauma (whatever it is that you have buried inside you manifesting as disease). And most people aren't even aware of these repressed emotions they are buried so deep in our subconscious mind. When we have an emotion in our heart, that emotion sends a signal to our brain and the quality of that signal determines how the brain is going to respond to the emotion. For example, when we have positive, pleasant feelings like joy, peace, love, forgiveness, our heart sends a nice, smooth signal that is coherent to our brain and then the brain matches that signal and releases the appropriate chemicals that support life. The result is good health, a strong immune system. Conversely, when we feel negative emotions such as fear, anger, hatred, blame, jealousy, frustration, the signal looks different.  It is very jagged and there is incoherence but the brain still says "Oh, I need to match this chemistry." This is stress chemistry. When we are in a state of stress our energy field goes into a state of resistance. That's why a polygraph works. This stressed state affects our blood and our pH and we become more acidic. In a localized or systemic acidity, inflammation occurs. This inflammation is like a fire and that fire starts to burn the house down, so to speak. 

An example of what negative emotions can do to you is when people harbor hatred or anger toward someone and that puts them in a state of being unwell ie chronic disease. Every authentic spiritual path has some mention or teaching around forgiveness. Forgiving someone else is also forgiving yourself because all of those negative feelings are happening within you and are affecting you.  Even if someone did do you wrong, you are still the one having those thoughts and being affected by those negative thoughts and emotions. They are affecting your blood chemistry and, ultimately, your health.  So through forgiveness you are able to release all of the negative emotions you are holding toward the other person. This doesn't mean that you are letting the other person off the hook for whatever it is they did that has wronged you in some way. The forgiveness has nothing to do with that other person and everything to do with you.  Forgiveness, when it comes to emotions, is the greatest access to letting go. For example, the hatred you have toward a parent, the judgement toward a coworker, the resentment toward your spouse. Let go of what is essentially a victim mindset and if you can let go of that and recognize that life is actually working for you, not against you, then you are going to generate healing. 

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My Eighth Blog Entry

March 05, 2019

MERCURY RETROGRADE:  It’s that time of the year again when everything just seems to be off. Perhaps you’re more forgetful than usual or you’re struggling to keep track of your day-to-day schedule? Maybe you keep losing your car keys only to randomly find them hours later in the refrigerator? Does communication seem to be on the fritz and you simply cannot get your point across as effectively? There may be a reason for the confusion and frustration that suddenly came from nowhere, and it may be in the stars.

Mercury retrograde is set to begin on Tuesday, causing the planet of communication—as it’s revered in astrology—to have an effect on just about everything involving your sense of communication. It’s a cosmic phenomenon that occurs a few times a year, with March retrograde being the first of 2019.

With Mercury being the planet closest to the sun, it experiences an orbit around our solar system’s biggest star that is much shorter than the 365-day journey Earth makes. This causes Mercury to fly past the planet three to four times within one of Earth’s orbit cycle, causing Mercury to almost seem as if it’s moving backward, thus resulting in the marvel of retrograde.

Although Mercury only appears to move backward during retrograde (it’s actually just moving forward in its short 88-day orbit), the life aspects ruled by the planet in astrology seem to take a backward effect on humans, sometimes resulting in a bit of strife or unusual difficulty in areas pertaining to communication like listening, speaking, negotiating, selling, buying, editing, and so forth.

Due to this, Mercury retrograde has gotten somewhat of a bad rap accompanied by astrology followers’ groans and complaints about the cosmic occurrence. According to master astrologist and best-selling author Susan Miller of the renowned Astrology Zone website and app, Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to be viewed as a negative.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, Miller said Mercury retrograde was a great time for observing the “re,” as in reflecting, reassessing, reanalyzing and recharging. Essentially Mercury retrograde is a time where people should be combing over their lives with a fine tooth comb and recognizing the areas of improvement, most of which usually stem from some aspect of communicating.

“As humans we want to always hear that it’s time to go forward, but you want to polish your work. You want to think about it. You want to root out assumptions that are wrong. That’s an element of success you have to have as part of the process. So it’s not just good enough to start new things without thinking about them,” Miller said. “That’s why I like Mercury retrograde. If you’re in sales you go back to clients that always liked you and people that always believed in you. It’s a time for remembering who stood behind you when you needed them. It’s time to take that person to lunch, things like that.”

Mercury retrograde can also be viewed as a good time to slow down and give situations the deeper attention they may deserve. “We have to be careful not to jump to conclusions. Just because a person uses the wrong word or something, don’t be too quick to have a reaction. Ask the question: ‘Did you mean this? Or did you mean that?’” Miller said.

She added: “Give people slack. Don’t be too quick to accuse. Let’s say you’re sister hurt your feelings, it’s a good time to go back and ask, ‘What did you mean on that day? Did you mean that? Talk to me. Tell me what you meant.’ Something like that helps a lot during retrograde.”

Of course, there are some things people should avoid during retrograde, like scheduling a big test, signing new agreements and contracts or launching new endeavors—especially ones related to communications industries like media, advertising or campaigning—as decision-making of others and ourselves may not be as cut-and-dry compared to after a retrograde cycle.

“It does have annoying parts to it,” Miller said. “It’s easy to lose things or miss certain cues. We get forgetful. We rush a lot, and we have to deliberately slow ourselves down during these periods.”

Despite the tension retrograde can bring, Miller assured folks Mercury retrograde was nothing to fear. She also noted some people could possibly experience increased productivity and less frustration if they planned properly for the moment and gave into deep thinking and being thorough while retrograde is in effect.

“It’s the one thing that affects everybody and it’s pretty noticeable,” she said. “You have to prepare for it, and that helps. I think some astrological sites, the people are new or young and they’re saying things like, ‘How to survive Mercury retrograde.’ They’re scaring people. I don’t think we have to scare anybody.”

Mercury retrograde in March will last from Tuesday through the 28th.

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My Ninth Blog Entry

March 28, 2019

INTENTION: In Lynne McTaggart's book The Intention Experiment, she discusses the conditions for a successful intention effect, based on the scientific research and data collected during their experiments:

1. The Right Place: somewhere with a lot of ions. The best levels are 

  • In uninhabited country, away from industrialized areas
  • Near running water, whether a shower or a waterfall
  • In natural habitats
  • In clear sunshine-a natural ionizer
  • After storms
  • In the mountains

The worst are:

  • Enclosed spaces with a lot of people
  • Near television sets and other electronic appliances, which can give off emissions up to 11,000 volts, exposing anything immediately in range to positive charge
  • In cities
  • Near industrial sources
  • In smog, fog, dust or haze

2. POWER UP: Meditation, concentration, slowing down your breathing, repeat a mantra, listen to relaxing music, a drum or rattle or an Australian didgeridoo, prayer.

3. PEAK INTENSITY: Mindfulness, focus, staying in the present. Even when you are not using intention, the daily practice of mindfulness helps you train your brain to become better. 

4. MERGING WITH THE "OTHER": The other being who or what you are sending the intention to. This could be through touch, looking at their picture, saying their name, asking the person to be open to receiving.

5. BE COMPASSIONATE: By focusing on your heart, your breath and universal compassion for the person, place or thing receiving. Also by emphasizing with the receiver.

6. STATE YOUR INTENTION (self-explanatory)

7. BE SPECIFIC: make your intention very specific and highly detailed and directed as to who, what or where.

8. VISUALIZE IT WORKING: picture the intention being successful by engaging all of your senses.

9. BELIEF: if you believe it will work it has a better chance of working. If the receiver believes it also helps.

10. TIMING: The evidence suggests 1:00 PM local, sidereal time (check the Web to calculate). Also when the geomagnetic levels are increased, specifically when the K index is 5 or more or the index is more than 200.

11. MOVE ASIDE: allow the universe to do its thing and let go of the outcome. Practice detachment. In Reiki we say "let go and let Reiki" because we are just the conduit.

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